Brighter Futures incorporated Dare To Be Positive

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We believe that everyone is important and deserves to have the opportunity to become a productive citizen and to live and learn in a quality, violence-free environment.

At Brighter Futures, we believe that there are ways for society to join forces in order to help kids grow up feeling safe and strong. We believe that schools and organizations that have limited resources can succeed if they receive quality consultation, thorough training, innovative curricula and resources that are customized to fit their needs.  Our work is designed to reflect the reality of schools and organizations of today.  All consultation will reflect the most current research that is available.


Brighter Futures trains educators in the areas of safety, diversity, multiculturalism and violence prevention within traditional subject areas. We ensure that administrators and faculty have the best information available on curricula and programs related to bullying, discrimination, harassment and education. We help schools overcome curricular and programmatic issues by introducing strategies and resources that can be easily incorporated into the regular school climate.

             The Power of One; Is the Empowerment of Many...